Sunday, February 18, 2007

Starfish Necklace

shell necklace

What would you expect to see on a the girl on the beach?

I am talking fashion accessories here.

Well this summer i would choose a stunning shell necklace, which compliments the occasion of the sense of freedom found on a beach. With wind running through her hair what finer way to connect to mother nature than to adorn one of the seas hidden treasures.surfers wave bangle

Another possibility for the girl on the beach is wearing a silver bangle. One brilliant example would be the surfers wave bangle

which can be found in variety of sizes.

starfish necklaceFinally the best choice of all has to be the starfish necklace. Cast from sterling silver it matters not if get wets and will always add a nautical feel to any occasion. So for 2007 the girl on the beach has to be seen with the infamous silver starfish.

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