Monday, August 13, 2007

ring sizing chart

We get a lot of customers asking how do they find out their own ring size. the Internet is festooned with loads of complicated charts giving you all the various sizes applicable to a whole range of countries.
So we have published an easy to use
ring-sizing-chart with simple instructions on how to work out your own ring size without having to pay a visit to your local jeweller.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Silverstall Graduates

helen the silverstall graduate

This week saw the graduation ceremonies of Helen and Jessie, two of the silverstall graduates .

Both achieved first class honours from the university of Plymouth. Helen gained her degree in business and administration whilst Jessie achieved hers in Media and Arts.Jessie a graduate of the silverstall in arts and media

Both ceremonies were attended by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth and the Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth university. The event was held in the Plymouth pavilions.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

mother of pearl

flower bangle
The Silverstall is known for its range of silver jewellery amongst which it has a vast collecion of bangles with mother of pearl. As you know it is essentially the inner lining of a shell. (oyster) Perhaps one of the nicest quality of this natural substance is the variety of colors that can be found. None more so than this delightful flower bangle

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Plain silver Bangles

plain silver bangle
An attractive feature of silver jewellery is the ability to wear it with almost anything. None so more the case than the plain silver bangle a fine selection of which can be found at the silverstall, the UK jewellers.
Not only is a silver bangle useful as a fashion accessory, but also as a way of warning of impending ill-health. According o legend if the silver starts to turn in colour, it means that a bout of sickness could follow. Whether there is any truth in this legend remains to be scientifically tested.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Starfish Necklace

shell necklace

What would you expect to see on a the girl on the beach?

I am talking fashion accessories here.

Well this summer i would choose a stunning shell necklace, which compliments the occasion of the sense of freedom found on a beach. With wind running through her hair what finer way to connect to mother nature than to adorn one of the seas hidden treasures.surfers wave bangle

Another possibility for the girl on the beach is wearing a silver bangle. One brilliant example would be the surfers wave bangle

which can be found in variety of sizes.

starfish necklaceFinally the best choice of all has to be the starfish necklace. Cast from sterling silver it matters not if get wets and will always add a nautical feel to any occasion. So for 2007 the girl on the beach has to be seen with the infamous silver starfish.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Girl on a beach

girl on a beach in Katu, Bali
This is an image i took in Katu beach, Bali at 1610hrs on the 18th Sept. 2006 using a Canon EOS 350D
It is an entirely FREE image to anyone who wants to use it for whatever purpose except for that of trying to claim copyright for it.
All intellectual property rights in the image remain vested in me however it is published for the public domain so please FEEL FREE TO USE IT, PUBLISH IT or PRINT IT. An acknowledgement to its author - i.e me would be appreciated but not necessary.
You can use it for Commercial purposes and you can even stick it on your tea-mug.

Here is another FREE image for anyone to use. Once again shot by me on Plymouth Hoe last year with at least 13 witnesses watching me take the photograph so if you are a large image-rights databank hunting the net for free images that you subsquently in 3 years time charge extortionate amounts .. you can f*** off.
Details of author:-

armada shopping centre
tel 01752 250066